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My Work

Real Estate

Every space deserves to look warm and inviting. I like to show the unique features of every space, so people can find their perfect home.


There is beauty in every person, and I love to capture all of the different expressions and features we have.

Environmental Portrait

Action shots of you doing what you do best can help attract new clients, and bring a burst of life and color to your website or portfolio.


I take photos of all kinds of events, such as concerts, parties, celebrations, and company functions.

My Art Corner

I like to express my thoughts, moods, or just my simple appreciation of shapes and objects by combining photography with digital drawing and editing.

Marek Cidlinský

I have lived in Prague all my life, surrounded by the many rich and diverse cultural scenes this city has to offer. Growing up around such beautiful art and architecture inspired me to capture everything I could on camera; from sunbeams cascading off of silent stone buildings, to the delicate forms of people posing in silk blouses, and even finding myself taking photos at eclectic pop-up events hidden in dusty holes throughout the city. My greatest desire is to show the modern humanity of Prague juxtaposed with its ancient cobblestone streets.


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