Why is this photo so important to me? This was the first print I sold as an art piece!

This photo was taken at the DOX Gallery, and this chair serves as a temporary resting point for curators. The gallery was quite empty that day, and no curators were there, so I randomly took a chance and snapped a photo of this ordinary piece of furniture. Later at home, I found that this photo gave me a strange feeling of loneliness and peace. That feeling inspired me to add a surrealistic glitch, in the form of a splitting floor.


Photos and Artworks

A showcase of my more artistic endeavors
Container Mix

This is more than just one photo, it is a combination of techniques, made by layering photos on each other and using digital post-process to create this kind of geometric mess.

Kotva Facade

I love geometric shapes and patterns, so I always look for them on interesting buildings around me.


The abstract aftermath of Morning, altered through digital post processing.

Old Whisky glass

This was a bright and delightful morning about to start with a delicious breakfast.

Old Whisky glass
An Aged Vessel

Extreme close ups at odd angles can make the drab and ordinary seem exotic and mysterious. This is simply an old liquor glass filled with coffee. 


With this photo I tried to create the form of a Japanese style photo, called Wabisabi. This style was mostly used in Japanese haiku, but it was also a typical style of photography, mostly represented by renowned photographer Daidō Moriyama.

Scripture at the Alter

The undertone of colors can evoke an entirely different emotion than the one of original photo.

Deep focus
Deep Focus

This photo was taken during a DnB DJ streaming session. Still gives me that vibe of deep noir beats hitting me from the speakers.

Old Whisky glass
Inside the Inflatable

I like to show angles that most people would not ordinarily look at or notice. This was taken inside a hot air balloon.



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